Michele McPhee April 25th

April 25, 2017

In this podcast Michele McPhee talks about new details in Hernandez suicide, Michael Flynn in alot of trouble now, and Caitlyn Jenner on the Tucker Carlson show.


Michele McPhee Interviews Tom and Joan Kelley

April 24, 2017

Michele McPhee welcomes on Tom and Joan Kelley. They talk about their new book "The sirens Call And Second Chances". The journey of creating the book and the details of why they wrote the book. And Tom and Joan great story on how they met and their stories of serving our country.


Michele McPhee Reveals How Aaron Hernandez Ended His Life

April 19, 2017

Michele McPhee gives exclusive details on how Aaron hernandez killed himself. Found out here first with Michele McPhee.


Michele McPhee Interviews Earl Granville and Andy Piscopo

April 18, 2017

Michele McPhee interviews two runners of the Boston Marathon. Veteran Earl Granville and runner Andy Piscopo. They talk about Earl carrying Andy to the great finish, Earl early days in combat, and the great friendship the two have.


Michele McPhee Interviews Andrew Dupee

April 17, 2017

Michele McPhee interviews Boston Marathon runner Andrew Dupee. They talk about him running in honor of Martin Richards, Martin Richards amazing views on life, and the memories he leaves behind by being a angel of Boston.


Michele McPhee Goes On WEEI With Kirk And Callahan

April 17, 2017

Michele McPhee goes on WEEI Sports Radio Network With Kirk And Callahan. They talk all about her new amzing top selling book.


Michele McPhee Interviews Rebekah Gregory

April 14, 2017

In this thrilling podcast Michele interviews Rebekah Gregory and her amzing husband Chris. They talk about the journey she had before the marathon bombing, the intense moments during, and Rebekah's amazing story after the bombing.


Michele McPhee Interviews Mike Deven And Dan Magoon

April 13, 2017

Michele is joined in studio by veterans Dan Magoon and Mike Deven. They talk about their careers now and all the service they are helping to do for their fellow veterans, cities taking away veteran preference, and a list of cannindates that are voting to take away veteran preference.


Michele McPhee Interviews Evan Lips

April 12, 2017

Michele McPhee interviews Boston Globes Evan Lip. They talk about a lady from Ohio wanting the state flag gone, how law makers need to focus on bigger and better things, and the parts of Boston that need alot of work.


Michele McPhee April 6th

April 6, 2017

In this podcast Michele McPhee talks on MIT graduate arrested for terrorism, Students thinking ISIS is no bid deal, and Liz Warren doing opposite of what she preaches.